Breakfast at Tiffanys is a great theme for a girlie party epsecially a milestone birthday or bridal shower. The theme was ideal for Zara’s Graduation Party as all of the girls are especially close and as there are only eight of them, I knew having them all dress up would be stunning and so much fun! Fortunately, the idea of the party popped into my head early on in the year, and so when all the dress up costumes and accessories from Karnaval went on sale in late February, I was able to find lots of black satin gloves and mini tiaras.


The black dresses were actually ladies ones from C&A that I guess no one liked as I found a rack of them on sale for 10% of their original price! The sizes were not ideal but as it is a simple slip over dress I figured it would look fine and it is just for a dress up party. Last but not least, Claires is always having these buy 3 get three specials, and so when I found myself getting something for the girls that they needed, I would add in black sunglasses and string pearls as the freebies. All in all, with time on my side; for very little money I was able to gift each girl a Breakfast at Tiffany costume for the party. And who knows, there might be a few Holly Golightlys running around at Halloween too!

On a side note, Bailey and her friend Veronica (one of Zara’s friends little sister) were also attending. As they weren’t graduating Zara didn’t want them to be dressed the same; which I can understand. Fortunately, the internet provided me with the ideal costume, and Bailey and Veronica got to come dressed up as Holly when she had just woken up: white men’s shirt (H&M), leggings, tassel earrings (Claires) and eyelash eye mask (Etsy).