Having the party at Treichler made everything so easy. They renovated the coffee shop a few years ago and so the place is all modern and in muted colours – the perfect backdrop. All I did to make it a bit more Breakfast at Tiffanys and festive, was to add overhead some heart helium mylar balloons in silver, white and Tiffany Blue (found these online at Balloon Mueller). For the tables, I added some Tiffany & Co. ceramic coffee mugs (which doubled as party favours) and popped some blue hydrangeas inside (these I bought potted from Do It and Garden and it worked out much cheaper than cut flowers and I am hoping they may survive another day in my garden!) and at Ottos I found plastic diamond sprinkles which added the final glamourous touch!


Another fun idea that I did, was as Zara wanted the Tiffany & Co Coffee Cups to be their special gift, Bailey and Veronica could have the little Funko Pop Holly Golightly Props as theirs. (My favourite new party decor idea!).

I had also had made these printable place cards as well as thought of using these placemats but as the tables are quite small I printed them small and used them as tags instead.

Place Cards

And as I was typing this post, I stumbled across these Breakfast at Tiffanys napkin rings and graphics we did many many moons ago, that you may wish to use too.

Napkin Rings