One of my favourite party ideas I did at Zara’s Breakfast at Tiffanys Graduation, were these little Pearls of Wisdom pockets. As part of looking for ideas around Breakfast at Tiffanys, I found the most inspiring quotations by Audrey Hepburn. Perfect for young ladies and especially ones graduating and reaching a new milestone in life. And with these floating in my head and all the decoration ideas: Tiffany & Co. blue, diamonds, pearls etc. I suddenly thought of the “Pearls of Wisdom” idea: where a little pocket could be placed at each placesetting and inside could be a whole bunch of Audrey’s words. The girls and Moms loved them and the next day I even had a photo of my friend’s fridge where she had stuck them all up!

Here are the printables so that if you are throwing a Breakfast at Tiffanys party you are welcome to use them, or even any Breakfast can be made special with these!


Pearls of Wisdom