Yay! I found these photos from over five years ago. My friend Vanessa did a blog post where she interviewed friends about what would be their Burning House photos. That is, if your house was burning down and you had five minutes to take anything with you (people and pets excluded) what would it be. Here are our things for Zara, Bailey and myself. I am keen to do this again and see if anything has changed five years later.

Obvious things like my computer, car key, phone, wallet and passport and then special things like my cup from when I was a baby, my Fuji camera (new at the time) and the photo of LIam and I first dating.

The girl’s crocheted blanket by my mom, Zara’s passport, her first outfit coming home from the hosiptal, baby photo from her nursery and Cowie (her favourite soft toy as a baby – a 1st birthday gift from Liam when he had just started working in Switzerland).

Bailey’s crocheted blankie by my Mom, her passport and then her Tatiana bear, my favourite photo of her (by Vanessa Lewis) and her first Circus birthday party outfit.