The last few days of our Christmas Activity Calendar included:

21st December – Starbucks Run One of my favourites where you get to pick anything off the menu, no limits and no calories – ha!

22nd December – Let’s talk about our favourite holiday, and plan the next one. This was a difficult one to do this year, knowing that our Christmas plans to South Africa just got cancelled. But it was great to write down all the places we are going to go and things we are going to do in SA and hopefully it will all be possible in April 2021.

23rd December – Plan the Christmas Lunch Menu. This day, we all decided who was making what and went shopping for all the ingredients. Liam and I were doing mains (roast lamb, potatoes, all the sides), Zara was making a Christmas wreath appetiser and Bailey was making a Hot Chocolate Cookie Pot with ice cream for dessert. And I set the table, definitely not one to delegate this out!

24th December – Secret Santa. This year it was such fun hiding and opening our pressies! Liam and I ended up hiding ours both in the fireplace and I kept ruining Bailey’s hints (as I kept putting back the bunny art she had taken off the wall in the room where she was hiding her present). As for the riddles it was so easy to tell who wrote what: Liam’s included phrases only he uses, Bailey had a spelling mistake (she thought it was a Chaser Cat instead of the Cheshire Cat), Zara wrote a thesis and I wrote mine!

This is what we got up to Week 3, and check out Week 1 and Week 2 for more ideas.