For Bailey’s Italian Kitchen party, we were always going to make pizzas to eat for lunch, but when it came to thinking of the birthday cake, I had seen on Pinterest the idea of a cake that looks just like a pizza! They looked so cool and fun to make that I then thought it would be fun for everyone to make their own one for dessert too. Gillian’s cakes is a cake studio just up the road from us now in Steinhausen and we took the girls there before lunch to “Make Your Own Pizza Cake” class. It was great fun and they looked so realistic: Gillian had baked the vanilla sponge cakes and the girls spread on the butter cream icing mixed with strawberry jam to look just like tomato sauce and then they played with fondant to make the pizza crust and all the toppings: tomatoes, olives, ham, salami, peppers… even little basil leaves!