Our Christmas Activity Advent Calendar has been happening each day to much excitement, so here is a little summary of Week 2.

Check out here for what we did in Week 1.

December 7th – Advent Sunday Lunch

This year we decided because of Covid we will have a Sunday Roast every Sunday with one other family. The first was this Nutcracker themed one and it was such good fun! We made Roast Lamb and thank goodness our friend was able to rescue the gravy! We had cool Nutcracker crackers that included the game Who Am I!

December 8th – Pick out names for Secret Santa

This year this was a small affair, as usually we have it that everyone who is with us on Christmas Eve agrees for gift giving to keep it simple by only having to be one gift for one person instead of trying to get something for everyone. As it was just the four of us, we finally after the third round each got a name that wasn’t us. And then we made up lots of new rules: maximum price 20chf, not handmade (everyone vetoed the handmade idea we did last year as they DID NOT enjoy being crafty!), not from shop (they said that would be too easy then!) and this year you have to hide the gift and give the person a card with a riddle that helps them to find it!

December 9th – Make fancy Hot Chocolate – I’d like to say that we did this just on this day, but pretty much we have been doing this all of December!

December 10th – Bake Christmas Cookies – we cheated a bit by using ready made dough. But they still tasted great!

December 11th – Go to a favourite restaurant – we went to Tischbarteater.

December 12th – Visit a Tree Farm and pick out a real Christmas tree and decorate it! This was our first time ever – and I would highly recommend it!

December 13th – Do a Christmas Craft – we made these orange slice tree decorations.

Stay tuned for the next two weeks…