Things are still going along well. Unfortunately, Covid is putting a spanner in the works of some of our plans (no parties, no more Advent Sunday Roast Lunches, no museums, no shows) but we are trying to be creative!

This is what we got up this week, and check out Week 1 and Week 2 for more ideas.

December 14th – Deliver Neighbour Gifts –  lots of gifts were naturally from my shop but we also gave our favourite Gin.

December 15th – Enjoy a special Christmas themed Breakfast

December 16th – Sort out and donate old toys and books.

December 17th – Post our Christmas Card.

December 18th – Try out a new Christmas Recipe – Zara made these banana breakfast scones, and also gifted some to our neighbours!

December 19th – Decorate the windows for Christmas – this year we cheated and did it in 5 minutes by just sticking these snowflake window stickers to all our entrance windows – ha!

December 20th – Gifts of Gratitude – Get together and pick presents for our amazing housekeeper and write a special message from each of us. (She really is a god-send!).