Every month or sometimes twice a month, I do a feature for the Party Pieces blog in the UK. Party Pieces is similar to the shops that In Good Company used to have, only bigger and better! They have so many ranges and awesome things we never used to stock like pinatas, dress up costumes and even cakes! This month, I did a Poetry Cafe theme inspired by their Liberty of London Collection and the Poetry Café that Zara had at school last year in their English Class. I hope you enjoy the photos and all the free printables: this theme is well-suited to a bridal or baby shower, or just an afternoon tea with friends.

The Poetry Café


Inspired by the sonnets of Shakespeare and the words of William Wordsworth, host a bridal shower, baby shower or a ladies afternoon tea along the lines of a Poetry Café.

Craft an invitation card in the format of a bookmark: print party details on long thin strips of cardboard with floral paper printed on the reverse. Thread through a cotton or twine tassel at the bottom edge.

Host the tea at your favourite coffee shop, tearoom or any dining room and living room will do. Corner off an area and by pulling in couches and chairs close to coffee tables and side tables you will create a cosy nook. Add Party Pieces floral swallowtail bunting or Rose Gold Floral Garland across the space for a festive touch.

Take a leaf out of the books of Romantic poets and full the room and surfaces with vases of pastel spring flowers: yellow daffodils, pink tulips and green wheatgrass in pots.

No Poetry Café would be complete without poems: visit your local library and check out a dozen or so poetry books. Make these into mini stacks and tie each pile with pretty ribbons to form part of the table centre decorations.

Set the table with Party Pieces Liberty paper napkins, cups and plates, or have you seen the new Ditsy Floral collection? Craft your own paper placemats from pretty patterned paper and add the printable “Something Novel” or “Delightful” party circle tags to tie them in with the theme.

Make your own theme appropriate decorative candles by printing out poems onto paper. Cut into strips, fold and cut out a mini heart “window” in the centre of each. Wrap around glass mason jars and fasten with tape. Add a tea light candle inside the jar and trim the lip of the jar with a satin ribbon bow. Not only will the soft candlelight create a romantic and fragrant atmosphere, but also the votives can be gifted to guests after the festivities have ended.

GOOD IDEA: Keep the little heart cut outs and scatter these on the table like confetti.

Serve classic teatime treats like butter cream cupcakes, pastel macaroons and tea sandwiches: combinations like Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraiche and Roast Chicken with Cranberry will go down a treat but you can never go wrong with simply Cucumber with Cream Cheese and Egg Mayonnaise with Watercress.

In addition, to serving different types of tea and coffees – set up a Mimosa Bar, where guests can create their own cocktail by mixing one part Prosseco and one part fruit juice. Decorate with fresh fruit pieces, herbs and Ditsy Floral or Rose Gold paper straws.

A classic Victoria Vanilla Sponge Cake served with fresh double thick cream and berries is made even lovelier by adding a mini bunting cake topper mimicing the festoon one hanging overhead.

Make it easy for guests to get to know one another by giving each guest a little paper ribbon brooch to wear during the party bearing their name.

Purchase or make mini crackers from pretty paper and ribbon bows. Fill the paper poppers with little paper scrolls detailing a conversation starter, a famous quote or line of poetry and possibly even a trivia question, riddle or joke?

For a bit of fun and instead of a typical guestbook, print and cut out a host of words. Then encourage guests to write a short poem to the bride-to-be and stick these inside a notebook with their other well wishes.

Make the party favours by purchasing plain paper envelopes and note cards. Decorate the envelope with floral paper liners and create a set by wrapping a paper band around a pile of cards and envelopes and seal with the printable party circle tag saying “Noteworthy”.

For additional party favours make the printable bookmarks, “From the Library Of” bookplates and package these into little parcels for each guest to use as part of their home library. You may even wish to gift these together with a new or second hand book of poems.


Book Club Collection


Magnetic Poetry

Pretty Paper: