I have been busy photoshooting quite a few parties this year but been a bit slack about posting them here for you to enjoy. So, if you are looking for ideas and cool free printables, also do check out my business website over here. Luckily just in time for Summer, I remembered this shoot I did late last year to usher in the Southern Hemisphere summer. It is full of fun and sunny ideas, so let us hope it brings the sun out here too!

SQUEEZE THE DAY Welcome in the Summer by making a Limoncello or Lemonade Bar for your friends and family. In fact, you may want to celebrate with your whole neighbourhood by setting it up street side!

BUILD A BAR Using two large wooden crates and a shelf on top, you can easily set up a bar counter. Nail in two dowel sticks to either side and you can now string up our swallowtail printable bunting.

COME ON OVER Craft these cute mason jar shaped invitations by printing and filling in the printable images. Then stick on a straw with one of the „Lemonade“ paper straw flags.

LEMONADE THIS WAY Cut out and make little lemonade arrow signs to stick in and around the neighbourhood directing guests where to go for their drinks!


WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS… Make your a Limoncello stand with glasses, straws and you can even mix your own Limoncello with our recipe and bottle it with the custom labels and circle tags.



SOMETHING SWEET AND SOUR Take your stand up to a new level, but not only serving drinks but also some snacks and sweets. Bonus points for lemon flavoured sweets, cookies and cake. You can even package these goodies to go in cute lemon wedge shaped packets or boxes trimmed with tags.

RAISE THE BAR Our printables not only work well for a party, but also include everything you need to make a lemonade stand and raise money for charity.

LEMON LOVE If you love our lemon theme, why not extend it to your tablescape: use our printable posters as placemats and tented labels as place cards.

SQUEEZE THE DAY For an additional activity encourage guests to come up with some summer bucket list ideas and jot them down our printable note card.

Download all the free printables here.

Hope you have a fantastic summer!