Earlier this year, the girls and I vacationed at the Beverly Hills Hotel to live out our Troop Beverly Hills dream. Inspired by the hotel and the movie, we dedcided that for Bailey’s Birthday this would be the perfect theme especially as she has been desperate to go camping. I am not a camper so the twist of having a Glamping party worked great and I have to give myself credit for dubbing the whole thing Troop Bailey’s Girls!

For the invitation and the welcome signage, I had Amanda design custom printables including a badge for the invitation, t-shirts and bunting and then little arrow signs to inidcate where each camp activity was to take place. Feel free to use for your next camping party! Stay tuned this week for all the details of table decorations, the tent, party games and favour ideas.

Troop Bailey_ Palm Fronts A3

Troop Bailey_ Swallowtail Bunting

Troop Baileys _ A3 Pages with 2 Arrow Signs