For Zara’s birthday, we set up one large buffet on the dining room table.

For the table, my mom made a giant white tablecloth that pooled at the bottom so as to look like puffy white clouds. I then filled all sorts of white shaped vases with pink flowers from our garden, and then in between the blooms I added cut out paper unicorns and rainbows on skewers. On the table there were mini unicorn soft toys and unicorn figurines together with star sprinkles scattered all over. Rainbow and Unicorn paper party plates and cups were bought from Meri Meri.

One section we served drinks (water and fruit juice), the iddle section all sorts of fruit and savoury snacks to make your own bagel and then at the other end some jars of pink and pastel coloured sweets. The part I loved about this theme is that it is always done with rainbows in mind and so even the fruit platter was co-ordinated from red to purple!

Here are the cute printables: