Always a hit at any party, no matter what the ages of the guests is a Scavenger Hunt. Here I had Amanda design little Unicorn themed cards and each child was given one together with a pen and an empty party bag. I then hid all sorts of items in the garden: something pink, something heart shaped, something yummy etc. and off they went to look for one of each item.

It was great fun and their little bags of goodies served as their party favour too.

If you are looking for unicorn themed goodies you are in luck as most stores will have a few things: try Typo, Cotton On, Mr Price Home and as the theme is also always about rainbows, hearts and stars, I found tons of goodies at Claires. They also have items where you get mini packs of say 10 rings or 10 mini nail polishes, so I split these up and repackaged into clear cellophane bags and tied with twine.

Also, a fun idea is to buy rainbow sweets: think rainbow sour leather (from specialty sweet stores) and repackage it and call it Unicorn Mane or Skittles become Rainbow Seeds. And here are cute labels to do just that! These also make fun everyday party favours or the perfect Summer Holiday gifts for the whole class.