Last year I had a Word of the Year – Reinvent and the idea was to have one word to focus on that would inspire me all year. I am not sure I lived up to it though and so this year I haven’t been that motivated to come up with one. Hence why I am only talking about this in February. But it got me thinking about the “whole thing” and New Years Resolutions in general and I realised that ultimately one wants to feel that they have achieved something and that the time passed was productive. In the past, setting goals has been fun for me and a positive force for the year. I especially remember the year I had “get sh*t done” as my mantra and I really did sort out a lot of stuff that year, also my 40th Birthday year was full of goals (40 to be exact) and I did those too! So the fact that already 1 month is gone in 2022 has me all worried.

This was not helped when the other day I saw this Memento Mori/Life Calendar in Weeks Poster on insta-stories and I had a near heart attack realising that I am nearly half way! I have subsequently bought the poster and decided that this would be a great way to mark the year (and possibly future years). Which got me to thinking do I just cross off the week? That sounded a bit depressing and then I thought maybe you add a bit of colour: so green for a great week and then red/black for a not so great one. But then how would one measure it? And then it hit me! I am making this WAY TOO complicated and my measuring stick needn’t be hectic and that quite simply my new unit of measure should be: did I have FUN this week? Yes or No? That’s it.

And so all in all, I do have a word/mantra for 2022. I want to have FUN and if I can say that 2022 was my Year of Fun – then I have achieved my goal. And so here’s wishing you a year of fun too!