Yesterday was World Book Day and like last year I decided to make a mini celebration as unfortunately Bailey’s school don’t dress up! The only problem was I totally forgot about it! Luckily, I was reminded in the afternoon when I was taking Bailey to Extra Maths. Usually I just sit in the car and wait but right next to their premises is Ottos, so I quickly popped in to see what I could find. I knew I had bought last week some Pirate Party goodies from Sosterene Grene and had thought about a Treasure Island theme – so now it was just a matter of finding some snacks and treats. Pirate parties are the best as there are some cool ideas on Pinterest with everyday food items: fish crackers and crisps = fish and chips, juice in cups with little wafers on top become “walk the plank”, chocolate gold coins, Rafello balls and Maltesers become treasure, coconuts and canon balls! Even cheese and crackers become “polly crackers”. But my favourite idea from the internet must be to take croissants and pop in googly eyes on skewers to make crabs!

SOSTRENE GRENE Pirate Party Plates, Cups, Napkins, Banner, Food Picks, Party Bags

OTTOS Vintage Glass Bottles, Chalkboards, Treasure Chests Large and Small, Chocolate Gold Coins, Coconut Balls, Chocolate Balls, Croissants,