I used to really struggle to buy gifts for our parents the past few years. As they are getting “older” they desire or “need” less things and so it became tricky to go shopping for them. That is until I decided to gift them “experineces with us”. We don’t often see them what with living overseas and so to plan a mini holiday with them, give us the opportunity to spoil them and something for them to look forward to in the coming year. Plus, it also indirectly is a gift to us as we get to spend a holiday with them too!

Last year, we went on a Meditteranean Cruise and it was awesome! This year we are heading to South Africa and going on Safari with them. And so for the gift packaging I found these cute little tins at Micasa and then printed a picture of the Lodge to line the inside of the box and added a little Schleich safari toy for fun – which I know for sure my sister will adopt as soon as she sees them!

p.s. Luckily they don’t know how to read my blog as this would spoil the surprise!