Here are a few of my favourite ideas to make a gift from good to great.

TIP 1: Real Ribbon
I also try to use pretty “real” ribbon: cotton, satin, jute, twine.  I usually only reserve paper curling ribbon to kids gifts and if I don’t have any of the good stuff on hand. But real ribbon immeditaley makes the present look that much more pretty.

TIP 2: Craft a Card
I get the girls to make the cards. Not only does it have that personla touch, but cards are privey and I would rather spend the money on Tip 3.

TIP 3: Mini Gift
And then my third trick is to add something 3D to the package. Usually, this is a mini gift: things like a Schleich animal toy, hairclips/hairbands, feather birds, sweets etc etc. Just a little something extra that you get to see on the gift itself.