We are currently redecorating my previous work studio into a family games room and study for Liam. One of the problems we sit with is that the main large space is having a pool table that pretty much takes upmost of the space and leaves only a small section for a seating area. This means one big piece of furniture and a lot of empty wall space. Fortunately Style by Emily Henderson recently did a blog post sharing her no-fail formula for art for every wall all in the same room!

We have 4 walls in the main space and 3 walls in the small open lounge seating area. Here based on her suggestions is the plan.


1 (MEDIUM PIECE) The largest wall has two landscape windows but the in-between space we plan to have the folded tennis table leaning up against the wall and just to the right this Ferm Living slated shelf.

2 (DIPTYCH) The next biggest wall is one that you see first as you enter the room and would classify as the focal point of the room. This one we temporarily have hung this Honey To Do List Diptych but are hoping to replace it with our Theresa Losa commission that is currently in progress.

3 (3D) The next wall is slit into two by a door leading to the storeroom. So 3A – has the dart board and 3B will have the wall cue stick rack.

4 (ONE LARGE PIECE AND SOMETHING SCULPTURAL) And the final wall has our ABC drawers underneath and as this is the only real surface we figured it would be used for drinks and snacks and so we hung up our neon bar sign and as we have an electrical box next to it, we are “covering” it with my reframed Zug Map from mapiful.


1 (WINDOW) The main wall has a landscape window above the couch and the door opens to right of it, so fortunately no need for art here.

2 (ONE LARGE PIECE) The next wall has the door and to the right of it will be an occasional chair and lamp against it – a good spot to have a large piece and we opted for my pixel Girl with the Pearl earring oversized canvas.

3 (ONE LARGE PIECE + A MINI GALLERY MIRRORED WALL) The third wall is the biggest and needs to be split into two, largely because the TV needs to be opposite the sofa which means it is to the right and not in the centre of the wall. So I am thinking to the left of this to have a gallery wall of three Hay Mirrors that used to hang in the sunroom.

That is the plan so far, so I will be sure to send you pictures of the real deal when it is done.

PS – did I mention we are also currently painting the room in a moody maroon colour and the ceiling too, to make it feel more cosy and pulled together!