I spotted this fun BINGO card on Instagram and I just had to see how I do. As it turns out, I score 20 out of 25. But I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing…


1. Yes, I have a vintage green trolley that I kit out with all our different Gin bottles and bar accessories.
2. I keep finding lots of little brass accessories, most noticeably it would a be a few vases of varying shapes that I have.
3. The girls lounge is painted wall to wall in Millennial Pink.
4. The giant craft room table in my new studio is a marble one (our old dining room table).
5. Definitely – Bailey’s new bedroom is wallpapered in palm leaves.
6. This one I don’t have!
7. The craft room dining room table chairs are all by Charles Eames.
8. There a number of rattan baskets filled with laundry, plants and I even have a rattan light fitting.
9. Fiddle Leaf figs are the only plants I haven’t killed, so I still have two!
10. I had a huge chunky knit blanket but it has been packed away all summer.
11. Yip! Got one of these saying “Did you forget the pizza, or …?”
12. This is actually a new rug that was left to us in our new house, and will be popping up in the wine cellar.
13. Neon signs are a new addition to Zara’s bedroom: one is a moon and the other a thunderbolt – or should I say a Harry Potter scar?
14. For years we have had our Ghost Chairs in the garage but they will be making a coming back in my Studio Kitchenette.
15. Don’t have these – yet!
16. I love, LOVE IKEA! And so we have A LOT of it!
17. All of our dining room chairs in winter have these for sure.
18. Nope. I don’t have this poster but have been tempted a few times to buy it. But I do have a lot of cool typographical art prints, so possibly this counts?
19. Tons and tons: candlesticks, bar cart ice bucket, cushions…
20. These I have an entire desk devoted to! I figure if I keep them all in one spot they might have a fighting chance of survival.
21. Not this poster either but spotted a cushion bearing the phrase the other day, so may just have to get it!
22. No, I am not a fan of velvet. I think it is because we have cats and I just know it is a fur trap. But I am seeing more and more velvet goodies coming out this autumn so I may just have to add at least one accent item?
23. I don’t have this exact shape of couch but I do think our one sleeper sofa has a mid century design complete with muted coloured buttons in the centres of each cushion.
24. And yes, I have rainbowed my books!
25. I keep adding more and more plants – our bathroom even has hanging ones, so I def. deserve the bonus points!

How do you fair?