So our big move to Hünenberg finally happened and we survived. I still have a lot of sorting our of my stuff (so no one can really help) but between Liam, the girls, Tana (our incredible cleaner, who needs an award!), the architect and Weber Vonesch movers – we are already able to enjoy most of the house. We still have a To Do List with 40 items on it (down from 70!) and my storeroom is full of my styling prop boxes (also about 70!) and soon we are hoping to park our cars inside our garage. Moving is not for the faint hearted and I definitely could have been more prepared – here are some things to do that really helped and definitely some lessons learned.


1. Instead of using cardboard boxes, I bought on Migros’ sale their plastic “roller boxes”. This is not for everyone, but all the extra boxes are proving to be a great system of storage for my extra things that are going to be packed and stacked away in our storeroom.

2. I spotted this tip online – instead of packing clothes in boxes – use suitcases. That way you need less boxes, the clothes can be easily stacked and transported. Also, we didn’t box hanging clothes – it worked out way easier for us to just move these ourselves: we pulled them out still on the hangers, lay them flat in the car, and picked them up and hanged the straight away in their new home!

3. We booked our movers to carry, move and unload the boxes – but we packed and unpacked them. Intially when we were discussing adidtional services, I had said not to worry about hanging pictures. I am so glad I changed my mind – it took two men a whole day to hang about 100 pieces and they are coming back this week to hang about another 50! We could never have done this! And just in one day our house looked so much more homely.

4. I mentioned this before, but a great tip I did was order many of our new pieces months ago and even had them delivered to the new house. This not only meant that we already enjoyed the items for six months, but when we moved 95% of our furniture could be placed in the right spot all at one time. The movers even built some of the pieces that were still in boxes. In fact, I did order some pieces a few weeks ago and they still have not arrived – imagine if I had opted to only start ordering now!

5. Another service that the movers offered was to take all our rubbish away. Definitely say yes to this. We designated one corner of the garage for trash and it made it so easy to unpack everything and immediately have a designated space for the rubbish.


1. Everything I read and everything I was told was to label boxes, but I didn’t. This is a really good idea as it wasn’t so much that I needed to know what was in every box, but so many of our boxes were placed in the storeroom and garage – that if I had labelled them could have already been carried up the three flights of stairs by the movers.

2. I made a point of tossing as much as I could before our move – but true as anything the two places that I didn’t get to (as I boxed them in with all my pre-packing) was the garage and the mudroom. So I am embarassed to say we ended up moving lots of gardening tools we could have halved and even worse our recycling!

3. I promised myself to prepare for the fact that some things will take time and not to get too upset about it. I failed. Our snag list from building is hanging over me and I am not sure if it is just because I want to get everything done like yesterday but I am also beginning to think I am worried about what am going to have to “worry about” when it is all done and we are all settled in! Thank goodness I have a House Warming Party to plan to keep me busy!