We have been in Andermatt this whole week, and as it is longer than our normal weekend stays, it has given me some time to decide what improvements we would like to make. Naturally, the list got long and ambitious very quickly, but we decided to draw focus on the outdoor spaces as we didn’t do too much when we moved in and it would be nice to have a little new upgrade before the Summer season.

When we first moved in, we kept the stone (read: very heavy to move) table and chairs that the previous owners left behind and then added some wingbacks outdoor wicker armchairs and our old BBQ. We now think it would be better to have a fold up table and stacking chairs and loungers that don’t require 101 cushions that somehow need to be stored indoors (our current problem).

Fortunately, I spotted this look online and as Schaffner is Swiss through-and-through it made sense to go with this furniture style. Plus, it is 100% weather proof and will stand the test of time. We has lengthy discussions about the colours (they have so much to choose from!) but in the end we are going with an all white frame and slats look.

We were able to order everything from Good Form in Zug and now we will wait the few months it takes what with our customisation choices, but I will definitely share the new look in the Spring!