Finally, our “Wine Cellar” is done. When Liam and I first moved we had grand plans for the space – but we soon realised that maybe it wasn’t a big priority for us and never really has been (we’ve been promising ourselves a “proper” wine cellar for 15 years!). Instead, the space designated for the Cellar was divided into two and half we use as a running gym and the other has become a bit of a mini bar lounge instead of a cellar.

We couldn’t part with our dark brown lounge chairs, my Serge Mouille light fitting can’t be hung in our lounge and our ABC cabinet was also looking for a home. So before you know it we skipped the wall-to-wall built-in wine shelves and I bought this metal glass cabinet from Livique. I placed inside some wooden wine shelving racks (COOP Bau & Hobby) on some of the shelves and left the rest for liquor bottles and glasses. Best of all the doors can be closed and no dust gets in!

Today, I finally made up the gold bar cart I bought months ago from Danish Design in Hunenberg and now it has a cute spot next to the ABC wooden drawers (Interio). Other cute details include the light up BAR neon sign I bought from Pfister, the super comfy plush rug I found at Livique as well and a poker set Liam got from his parents for his birthday.