Zara decided late last week that she wanted to restyle her bedroom. I was a little bit emotional about having to say goodbye to the Harry Potter, but we placed it all in boxes and are going to put them into storage for another time and place. Fortunately the restyling is not changing everything in her room and that by the time all the Harry Potter was out, the room immediately looked different. We also removed anything that was blue and swapped it out for white and greens. It is still a work in progress, but this weekend we did an easy solution of swapping out the art. As she has 6 pieces framed, but all done in off-the-shelf frames – we simply picked some new art prints online (printables from Etsy) and are having them printed (Migros Photo Service) and then we will swap out the old art prints for the new ones.

This is an easy and inexpensive solution (as no new frames need to be bought or nails need to be put into the wall) and it allows you to change their art as and when their interest do. In this case, Zara is all about South Korea, Seoul and BTS and look what we found on the Etsy shop IamMom Prints – someone who loves those things just as much!