Just off our landing on the first floor and living area is the guest loo. The previous owners did a great job of making this space work well. They left behind the perfect custom shelf that fits in the spot as you get to the top of the stairs but made it narrow enough that it is easy to get onto the floor. This has the advantage that the landing is able to have some decorative elements without it being in the way!

And if there was every an advert for best way to layout a small guest loo with a shower this would be it! It is probably only 2×2 meters but there is a toilet, basin and shower. The secret I think is making the guest loo door open rightwards and then having the shower to the left of this space – that way the doors use the same space (afterall no one needs to shower with the bathroom door open!). The other added advantage of this layout is that the basin, cabinet and mirror are in view of the open doorway – so yay! no loo in sight. This is then tuckedinto the reaining space to the right of the shower and left of the basin – and a window has been perfectly placed above to let in a lot of light (but frosted so no-one can look in!).

IKEA Frames
WILD AND WOLF Red Telephone
DEPOT Toilet Paper Basket
MICASA Towels, Floor mat
INTERIO Marble Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder, Soap Dish
IKEA Hatbox, Wooden Stool, Pot Planter
MIGROS Pancake Plant
GLOBUS Toiletries