Okay so I am exaggerating when I say Kitchenette. Technically, it is just a coffee station but when the council rules do change, I can then formally install a proper mini kitchen in the space as all the piping and electrics are already in place. The idea being then to have a proper sink, fridge and microwave in the stand alone studio. But whilst we wait the estimated two to three years (fingers crossed), I have set up a little space to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of juice.

KARE Café Neon Sign
MICASA Bistro Table, White Drawers, Aloe Pot Plant, White Organiser
MIGROS Dispenser
DEPOT Peach Glasses
HM Rainbow Cups, Wooden Box
TEA JAKOB Ghost Chairs
GRAY MALIN Photographic Art Print
IKEA White Frame
NESPRESSO Coffee Machine