Part of my studio in our house downstairs includes a craft area featuring our old dining room table. It is where I did all my past projects so it is fitting that it is the one where I will do all the future ones too. Except now at least my family don’t have to eat dinner in and around all my junk! In addition to the large table and old dining room chairs, I put in a whole wall of IKEA white shelves that I have used for years (first they were part of the girls bedroom and then playroom and then my shop and then my garage storeroom…). Now they are filled to the brim with all of my craft and stationery supplies orderly arranged and labelled with IKEA bins and labels. And I have one whole bookcase devoted to all my craft books – rainbow coloured of course! The white chest of drawers at the moment hasn’t been sorted out, so is currently just filled with bits and bobs but I am sure over time I will work out what it is best used for… Let us just hope I can keep this area it as tidy as it is now!


INTERIO Marble Table, Grey Concrete Bowl
TEA JAKOB Eames Chairs
MICASA White Diner Chairs, White Drawers, Wooden Ladder, Olive Branches, Elephant and Llama Figurines, Mini Wooden Houses, Green Aloe Plant and Pot, White Overhead Lightfitting
DEPOT Pink Dinner Candles
IKEA Birch Giant Round Mirror, White Shelves, White Frames, Black Vase
HM White Head Planter Pot
JACKIE DIEDAM Positano Painting