Yay! A new space at the Hunenberg House I may have not mentioned before – the balcony off of our bedroom. The wooden terrace is up on the third floor and is mainly accessible via our bedroom or from a door straight off the landing. It is a large space but I know for sure will hardly ever be used (our old bedroom terrace is a testament to this). So knowing this and as the previous owners had offered us their old furniture I haven’t really thought about decorating the space at all. But as I mentioned before I am nearly finished up dreaming about all the other rooms and so am finding more areas in the need of my attention.

What made me think of this space was actually seeing this amazing outdoor living room that Gray Malin created. Now I am definitely not looking to make our space nearly as fancy as I know for sure the only two people ever using this lounge will be Liam and I so really it is more of a challenge to see if I can create something similar putting his ideas into practice by using things we already have or finding really reasonable priced goodies.

Here is a list of what I see he has used and what I am thinking:

1. The fireplace is a key element but one I am not looking to replicate.

2. The large lounge suite is not something I would have planned to do, but as I mentioned we were left a fantastic lounge suite from the previous owners (it is made from weatherproof wicker with dark cushions) and it can comfortable seat four to five people. Score!

3.The lounge suite also has two matching side tables but no coffee table. However, it has a large ottoman and I am going to remove it’s cushion and use this instead as a large coffee table with an oversized silver metal tray that I have to support drinks and other outdoor accessories.

4. The Gray Malin space also noticeably has a large outdoor rug. I don’t have one at the moment, but I am looking to refresh the one we have on our real patio, so when I replace it, the old one can then come up here.

5. And with such a large seatee, lots and lots of pretty cushions and throws are needed. Fortunately, I bought a batch of pretty fabrics from Rifle Paper Co and am going to make up many cushions for indoors but I am sure will be too many and I can then bring some much needed colour to the patio. And they are going to mix and match well with some old FERM Living cushions that I have that I am not ready to give away just yet.

6. Another positive thing about the current terrace is that we bought the six giant planters to border off the left and right hand side of the terrace. Here I am planting big leafy bushes to give some privacy to the patio and make it feel more like a garden than a box. I see Gray also used pretty pots with fake topiary balls and as I have a few of these from our old patio I will be putting these into the space as well. And whist I love blue and white, I am saving this colour scheme for downstairs and so I am going to experiment with a bit of orange: I found all of these vases from Interio in various sizes and tones.

7. Another main feature of Gray’s terrace is he created a braai and bar area. Now, neither of these are happening here but I do like the idea of having a drink or cup of coffee out on ours and so I am going to use one of my FERM Living “plant” stands to create a little makeshift bar that will allow us to enjoy a beverage or two.

8. He also added in lots of lanterns, and I will be bringing in a few of the ones I bought and still love so much from IKEA to add a bit of light to the space in the evenings. Bonus: they are solar, so no candles or electricity required.

9. Last but not least, I see he hung one of his famous photograhs on the wall and featured some on the acrylic trays dotted around the space. Ours has no wall but possibly I can try make a tray for a side table?