Our bathroom like the main bedroom is small, and so I have had to make a bit of change to the design as I am not convinced the gorgeous round rug I love will fit. So I am swapping it out for a basic rectangular rug – nothing special. What I did want to highlight in my second draft is the new collection from IKEA that I am loving at the moment. It is called SAMMANHANG and is all about containers for collections. I picked up a few of their pieces including the grey and cork boxes that are going to be used in this bathroom as there are open shelves underneath the basin counter so I was definitely in need of some pretty storage containers to hide all the bottles and tubes that bathrooms naturally attract. YOu may also want to check out the glass jars and wooden display cases.



The only other changes I made are the addition of some hamman towels and bath products (from Interio), a stool from HK living and when I was last at the house I noticed there is no wall space except for above the toilet so I am going to hang a few sentimental framed goodies I have always had in our bedrooms over the years: a photo of Liam and I dating, a sketch from a wedding card, a photo of our vow renewals in Prague, a timeline of all of our milestones etc. We will have to see how much I can fit in such a small space.