As I mentioned our main bedroom is on the small size, and so too is the bathroom. It is a long thin rectangle that actually has a sliding door that opens up in the centre and then the toilet is on the left, the basin in the middle and the shower to the right. The fittings are great, I love the grey walls and to be honest, it is pretty much perfectly complete. There is nothing for me to do, I don’t think there is space to even hang a picture!

But I guess that is where the fun comes in as I can focus on a few inexpensive trendy pieces that I can swap out later when the fashion fades. Right now I am all into neutrals and so I bought some Turkish towels, terrazzo ceramic soap dishes, tooth brush holders etc and lots of woven baskets for storage – all from Interio. I am also thinking about this rug, but I think it may be a bit too big!