When we decided to build the Studio at the new house, the idea was that one day it could be a complete stand alone space. A studio apartment with bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen with dining area (maybe something for one of the girls one day?). Therefore, together with the guest bedroom (15m2) that was already in place that fits alongside the studio, we added in another 60m2. The only problem is that for now we can only convert 15m2 of this new space into heated living, so no kitchen and most of the space is unheated. What we were allowed to do so long is build in all the plumbing and electrics, so at least when the law of living space percentages changes no major construction will be required. Fortunately, the most useful spaces will be heated: bedroom, bathroom and lounge. In the unheated area, I planning to have a large craft area and desk space where one day a “dining area” could be and have a coffee corner where the “kitchen” could be. All of the space can already have the wooden flooring, so whilst I can’t cook or wash anything – I will be able to make a mean cup of coffee.

Here was a picture of the first design I drafted, but now with a 2nd look I have split out the craft and kitchenette area to showcase more of the cute furniture, art and accessories I am using.


Instead of a boring white IKEA shelf, I picked two of the String Shelves in white and oak shelving. I then also remembered in my garage I had our old Kartell Ghost Chairs and a little bistro table I found at Migros Do It and Garden years ago – so hopefully this will fit in nicely underneath the window.


Black wall lamps (ROOOM4KIDS), Café Light Sign (Kare from Interio), String Shelves (Goodform.ch), Bon Voyage (Gray Malin), Girl with the Pearl earring canvas art (I will have to look this one up, as it was an independent etsy artist), Nespresso coffee maker (M-electronics), coffee planter (IKEA), jar, vase, teapot (Royal Pip by PiP Studio), lemon tree (IKEA), Chinese pot plant (I haven’t found one just like this, but keeping my eyes open as I have a few of these in Cape Town), Jules White Drawers (Micasa), Ghost Chairs (Kartell from Pfister), Bistro marble table (Do It & Garden).