A few weeks ago I shared my mood boards for the Hunenberg House Studio. But since then I have made quite a few changes, as well as got even more into the detail of the exact furniture, art and accessories that will go in every nook and cranny. Today, I am sharing the redesign of Main Bedroom and Bathroom.



The designs are not dissimilar and the only big changes include replacing the White Jules Drawers with a set of Asplund ones. They are smaller and therefore will fit in better. And instead of the Gray Malin Positano art which suited the larger dresser, I bought this gold Justina Blakeney Sun Mirror that will hang above the drawers.

There is no dresser, so a simple chair did not make sense, but as the bed is a Murphy bed, the room definitely needed some furniture so that it wouldn’t look completely empty when the bed is put away. Therefore, this HK living bench is ideal as it is narrow but has the height to “full up” the space. Next to it I hope to fit in an Asplund marble side table and I am still deciding if I will use Bailey’s old Rice Ostrich Lamp on top.

Overall, the room is white with lots of light and as it is a guest room, I want to create a space that is relaxing but also a bit of fun to get that holiday feeling.