Realising that the Studio Lounge could not accomodate a desk had me worried, however after studying the plans I found a great space in the Studio Craft Area. The space is actually bigger and will fit nicely into the corner of the room and it was only when I saw Sarah Sherman Samuel’s old studio that suddenly made me think such a corner desk space could work. I am thinking to actually have my desk facing out from the corner of the wall. And as I have no window for curtains, but love the pop of colour I’m going to wallpaper the wall behind the desk. The wall to the right will then feature some logo art and this new pin board I just bought today from Ferm Living (part of their new amazing Autumn 2018 collection). And last but not least, I do love that paper roll idea so super keen to try and do something similar. I know Ikea sells the reams of paper, so I just need to keep my eyes out for a pretty hook.



Framed Company Logo (Migros Photo Service), Blue Pinboard (Ferm Living), white picture ledge (IKEA), Blue Cushion (IKEA x HAY), Wallpaper (PiP Studio), White Floor Lamp (IKEA), Apple Computer (M-Elecronics), White File Holders (IKEA), potted succulent (IKEA), white desk (Interio) and wooden swing desk chair (IKEA).