All of the bathrooms in our house are similar and were recently renovated by the previous owner (who had amazing style). So I was in luck that I could just decorate them! And so for the Girls bathroom, as Zara was changing her bedroom theme I was left with a number of French themed goodies that I was just not ready to let go. And so I decided that this would be a good look for the girls bathroom epsecially as this one is just for them!

Lots of little things carry this Parisian theme along but the most obvious is the gorgoeus Laduree art print that I bought from Gray Malin. As soon as I saw it, I ordered it and knew this would be it’s new spot. Luckily, I didn’t procrastinate as by being the quickest off the mark, I ended getting the first one numbered and signed by the creator!

IKEA Frames, White Framed Mirror, Glass Lidded Jars
WILD AND WOLF Mint Green Telephone
GRAY MALIN Laudree Art Print
PAUL FERNEY Parisian Flower Shop Oil Painting and Commissioned Portrait of Zara and Bailey
LAUDREE Books, Boxes
ANTHROPOLGIE Soap Dish, Toothbrush Holder, Wall Hooks, Ring Bowl
MATHILDA FROM TOP TIP Ceramics, Candles, Soaps, White Towels
MICASA Mint Green Shelf, Mint Green Baskets, Floor Baskets, Wooden Stool
H&M Rainbow Towels
LOUVRE MUSUEM The Little Dancer Sculpture