In our house there was a spare bedroom between the girls’ bedrooms, but we decided to change this to a PJ lounge for them so that they could chill and watch their own TV choices without all of us having to watch or hear them! The room has actually turned out to be one of my favourites – and best of all just about everything that I used came from our old house. Yes, even all of the art! Shame the poor guys who I got to hang it up, I think they thought I was crazy! There was however a bit of hiccup in our agreed hanging spots; as at the end there were some strange gaps! But I turned it into a success, as I got creative and added in some little extra pieces: the playing cards, the flowers and mushrooms on top of the frames and loving that Cheshire Cat smile and tail!


INTERIO Cream Sleeper Couch, Black Marble Coffee and Side Table, Pink Blanket, Alice Boot, Glass Black Top Hat Vase, White and Black Frames, Fob Watch, Mini Chairs
ASPLUND Sideboard
MOOOI Bunny Light Lamp
POTTERY BARN Bunny Alarm Clock
FLY Pink Rug
AMAZON Alice in Wonderland Books
PFISTER Fuchsia Cushions
AREAWARE Bunny Cushion
TATINA Embroidered Bunny
DEPOT Ceramic Bunny Head (in hat vase)
GLOBUS Happy Place Cushion
CATH KIDSTON Alice Cushion, Alice Teapot, Drawstring Bag, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Glasses, Ceramic Tea Set
FERM LIVING Bunny Mirror
DEPOT Bunny Pillow, White Teapots Ceramics
HM Flamingo Wall Trophy
REX Bunny Night Light

IKEA Bunny and Flowers
RIFLE PAPER CO Alice in Wonderland Calendar
BELLE AND BOO Bunny Sketch
OEUF NYC Crochet Butterflies
HAM Bunny on Trampoline