Liam’s house dreams are coming true where one room on the ground floor is totally devoted to a gym. And only a gym (no storage, no sudden guests). So much so, the floor will have special gym matting, one wall will be mirrors and another will have proper wooden training racks. Design wise, I have left it up entirely to him but I have tried to sneak in a few fun elements so it is not too utilitarian. For Fathers Day, I bought this cool set of 4 Arne Jacobsen clocks (so not only can he keep an eye on the time, but the temperature and humidity). And this awesome Stendig Calendar I have wanted for years, that he can use for training. I am thinking I should also make space for a pinboard and white board so he can pin up/write up training schedules etc.


I also bought three photographic prints that are dark greys and greens of mountainous landscapes – so trying to bring in a bit of colour. And then I am thinking other accessories besides all his gym equipment, would be to add a coat rack, towels, water tray, a plant or two, maybe a scale? What are your gym essentials? And on your dream wish list?