When we were moving and planning our house renovations, I had grand plans for the laundry and was determined to have the laundry room of my Pinterest dreams. However, it soon became clear that it was just not going to happen. The ceilings of our house are the normal height but because of all the overhead exposed pipes in the downstairs utility rooms, it would be too low and impossible to cover them. And so this made me realise that even if I had beautifully tiled floors and plastered or wallpapered walls, I would have all these ugly pipes overhead. And so Plan B came into action and I recreated a similar Laundry room to the one we had previously.

Cute little DIYs that I did do: put the new leather handles on the IKEA chest of drawers, hang up a canvas “chalkboard” laundry themed art and DIY an IKEA cabinet into a bin for the cat litter!

IKEA Blue drawers, Little blue cupboard, Leather handles, Folding Table, Wicker Baskets, Blue Tubs, Wooden Boxes, White Frames, Coat Rack, Wooden Hangers, Wall Clock, Pegboard, Succulent and Terracotta pot
INTERIO Vinyl Rugs, White and Wooden Brushes
DEPOT Glass Jars, Giant Wooden Peg
H&M Cat Water Bowls
WILD AND WOLF Wooden Shirt Folding Board