One of the main reasons why we decided to move was to find a house and garden where there was or could be a swimming pool and outdoor entertaining area. Our current house has a great view of the lake and forest, but the garden and terrace is split over a two levels and wraps around the house, so whilst the location is great; it is quite akward to entertain many guests.

From the plans above, you can see that the Hunenberg House is great in that the living area (kitchen, lounge and dining room) are all on one level and all have large sliding doors onto the patio. Then after this is a large flat enclosed garden. Before renovations, there was a small deck and pond – but this has all been removed and replaced with a swimming pool. The deisgn is nearly identical to that of our neighbour, so here was the inspiration image that is pretty much exactly what it will look like.

I have divided the garden area into different zones, and in the next few posts I am going to share the details of each one.