One of the main things that we wanted to change in the new house were the staircases. The original owners who built the house (not those we bought from) designed the staircases to look exactly like the ones that can be found at the KKL – Culture and Convention Centre in Luzern. The staircases are not my scene at all – they are all metal: metal stairs, banisters and cables – and they needed to go.


Fortunately, the architect and I were on the same page, and we looked into a variety of possibilties. The main one being keeping the frame of the staircase, but changing out the metal stair boards for wooden ones that match our wooden floors. The next big plan was to remove the metal banister and cables and replace these with an all black metal banister.


Now, nearly six months later, we have a completely different look that is being installed. We’re keeping the wooden stair boards but instead of having a stark contrasting metal banister; we are going to have wooden slats coming down. I am so glad we are opting to do this; as I think it will fit in so much better by bringing in some more natural elements and softening the “box” lines of the house.