I have a problem and it is called 20 plus, okay that’s a lie, 30-40 plus boxes of party props, craft supplies, stationery and stuff that I am just not ready to give up anytime soon. In our old house I was fortunate in that there was a third garage that I halved where one part was for all the typical garage things (bikes, gardening tools, hardware etc. etc) and the other half was mine. Now in the new house, the garage has a small space that will cater for the “garage things”, a garden shed for “garden things” but definitely none of “my things”. Hence the reason why we built the studio. However as my studio design has evolved I have started loving the idea of a pretty space: a lounge, a little kitchenette, a desk, a large working top and shelving (but only with beautifully styled shelves) and so I am stuck with the other 20 boxes that will need to find a home.

Initially, the room between the gym and the laundry was a storeroom that we were going to turn into a mudroom leading into the studio together with a guest loo (and possibly a shower for gym goers). However, as we can’t yet build a bathroom there, I suddenly realised that it’s initial purpose made complete sense.

The space isn’t that big, around 8m2; with a door leading in from the hall and another door opening inwards into the room leading into the studio. Now I could have just left it at that: one large white space filled with clear boxes stacked and labelled from floor to ceiling. But I am motivated to maybe make the space a bit more useful and interesting…


I loved this Craft Area that Jordan of Oh Happy Day created in her studio; and I am seriously tempted to make something similar; so much so that I already think I have all the goodies needed: white peg boards, wooden counter, clock, decorative boxes, plant (all from IKEA) and a black letter board (Depot). So I just need to see if 1. I can decrease my boxes as much as possible, and 2. fit in all of these pretty elements around those that are left behind. If I can do it, I will buy these cute stools from IKEA. Fingers crossed!