It seems we aways have grand plans for a Wine Cellar and it just never materialises. When we move to Hunenberg we decided to change the old wine cellar/storeroom into a proper wine cellar but then we were distracted with everything else and just wanted to move in in the end that we left it. Then in the New Year, us girls encouraged Liam to get a treadmill but as his gym would not fit it in, I suggested the Wine Cellar which is right next door to his Gym. So in it went and is actually the perfect spot as you can close the door so not everyone has to hear the treading and it is cool as it already had an air conditioner. The only downside being no light but nearly all the rooms downstairs lack lighting so this was never going to be a real possibility anyway.

Then I realised that with just shifting a few things around the room, we could store the wine and our two armchairs that we have no space before but will never ever let go as they were our first real designer buy in Switzerland. So here is a look at the redo and I will be hopefully taking photos soon – just waiting on the cupboard to arrive and the spare lightfitting to go up; and then I will share the final final space.