I have the past week or so been making some last changes in our house. Last year, I completed all the main rooms of the house but a few still needed fine tuning like the Gym, Wine Cellar, Garage and Storeroms. I still have quite a bit to do in these but one idea that I have been working on is the dual purpose of our Spare Bedroom. It has a Murphy bed and so has worked perfectly as a Guest Room when Liam’s parents visted us last year and this year. Then during the year when we have no visitors I have been able to tuck the bed away. Now by adding just a few accessories it can be used by the girls for yoga as they will be starting lessons next term. Here is the mood board and I will be sharing photos soon.

IKEA Palm Box, Cushions, Rug, Bench, Palm and Belly Basket
RITUALS Yoga Block
DEPOT Roller, Mat, Towel, Massage Roller
Posters – soon to share as a free printable, just waiting for the framed ones to arrive from MIGROS PHOTO SERVICE