Last month, when we were in Johannesburg for a quick visit we decided to try a new hotel – The Fairlawns Boutique Hotel and Spa near our old work stamping ground and crazy close to where Liam’s parents have a house and his brother and family live. And it is now my favourite new place and first choice next time we come back to Joeys. The hotel not only has a great location but is just my thing with all the beautifully decorated spaces and bedrooms. Particularly the rooms are amazing largely because of the extra tall ceilings giving the feel that you are staying in a home rather than a hotel room. We didn’t have that much time to spend that much time at the hotel, so only got to try out the pool and have breakfast there (both great – the pool even had their own swan and flamingo pool floats!). Next time I definitely want to try lunch and/or dinner, not to mention the spa.

Décor ideas that I loved and keen to try out one day (and which I think would suit the Cape Town house so well):

1- Giant floral prints where one or two blooms dominant the whole pillow and the couch behind is in the same colour tone. 2- Buying little modern glass see-through side tables for when you need a little table but space is limited. 3- Completely decorating a sideboard with just blue and white ginger jars 4- Filling a glass jar with marshmallows and having this close on hand for hot chocolate. 5- We bought a marble chessboard but not the pieces, so definitely need to find some… it makes for a good display and the girls enjoy the game. 6- I love how their entrance doors where painted in a contrasting black – seriously tempted to do this in Cape Town. 7- Designing an all white bathroom with white and grey marble tiling. 8- And then designing the matching bedroom with grey walls and furniture. It looks so smart and is so relaxing at the same time. 9- Customising my own favourite photograph into wallpaper and filling the whole wall with the image. Here they had a South African mountain scene and it filled the wall but was broken up brilliantly with the fireplace in the middle and the TV above (which you then barely notice). 10 – Plan to have a pool side gazebo that allows guests to have privacy by drawing the curtains. 11 – Speaking of curtains, they definitely played it right by making sure all the curtains were hung high giving the illusion that the rooms were taller. 12 – Last but not least, taking a famous painting and having it rendered in antique black and white and framing this instead of any exact original – making it more of an art piece than just a framed poster copy. Double points if you match it to the colour scheme of the room!