When we were little, my Dad’s favourite thing to do was to take us all to the Zoo. He loved it so much he even wrote a song on the piano with us and to this day I still remember the tune and the words. Knowing that we were going to spend a few days in Johannesburg, we planned to take the girls to the Johannesburg Zoo and we were able to see their new Amazonian section for the first time. I had to laugh when my Mom brought out the Zoo biscuits at tea time!


„We all went to the Zoo today,
we walked through the gate where we had to pay.
And what do you think, we saw at the Zoo?
A white polar bear and a kangaroo.
A yellow fluffy duck,
and a grey and white buck.
A lazy moose
And a black and white goose.
And a big elephant with enormous feet,
who flapped his ears as he walked down the street.
And a lion that roared,
and a hippo that snored!
And a bird that flew,
all over the Zoo!“