At Sala’s Camp we got to enjoy their beautiful lodge, amazing food and the classic Kenyan cocktail: Dawa. It comprises of a mixture of vodka, lime juice and honey garnished with a lime wheel and a ‘Dawa Stick’ to stir the honey. Commonly referred to as Dawa, which is derived from the Swahili word meaning “Medicine”, it makes for a refreshing cocktail that will cure whatever ails you. (The girls and I had lemonade instead of the vodka).

How To Make the Perfect Dawa cocktail

2 oz vodka
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp tsp brown sugar 1 lime, quartered then cut into chunks, plus lime wheel garnish Ice
1 lime, cut into chunks, plus lime wheel garnish
Crushed ice

1. Into a glass place lime chunks, honey and sugar.
2. Muddle just enough to release the lime juice and mix with the honey and sugar, but not so much as to mash the pith (that will release a bitter flavour).
3. Add some crushed ice, then the vodka (or lemonade) and stir to combine ingredients and bring up the lime from the bottom of the glass. Add more ice until the glass is full, then garnish with a lime wheel.
4. Serve and enjoy.

Other details I loved at the camp were their ostrich egg chandeliers, engraved beer mugs and wooden lazy susan salad bowls.