Both Liam and I were born and raised in South Africa, and so it was very strange for us to first arrive in Switzerland and owning a car five years later to arrive at a petrol station and realise that you have to fill up your car. It was quite a challenge for us having never done it before (do you fill up and then pay? or pay and then fill up? how do you turn it on? how do you know when the car is full?). It was embarassing as 30+ adults asking for help!

On Saturday, I had some one-on-one time with Zara: we went to Danish Design Kids Spring photo shoot with Mary Fernandez, did some shopping for some new summer clothes (Zara immediately put them on – see green shorts and pink top above) and then we headed to Zugerland to buy ingredients for Bailey’s Cooking Night (more about that in another post) and some crafting supplies for Zara (another DIY post coming up too).

As we were heading out I said I was going to fill up the car with petrol and then we could go inside the station shop, pay and get ice cream. As we were pulling up I thought what a great opportunity to show Zara how to actually fill up a car. Naturally it will be years before she has to do it but “why put off tomorrow what you can do today” (and this quote came from Zara!) and I was sure “there is no age restriction”. As we just started, someone came up and both of us froze as I realised maybe my last statement was factually incorrect. Fortunately, it was just about a recent promo they are having at the station and we were able to finish the class and get a discount on fuel! Yay – more for ice cream!

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