Over a few months I have been joking with the girls that I need to teach them some Life Lessons. I think it all started in the Batmovie Lego Movie where Batman says to Robin “Life Lesson No 1: Life doesn’t give you seat belts!” We’ve been doing “mini cooking lessons” but I have started thinking about extending it to other areas of home making and just general skills that every one should know how to do and what to do in certain situations. This weekend, and what made me think to share on the blog is a great example as unless it happens to you or your kids they may not know exactly what to do in such a circumstance and it may be dangerous.

We were driving on the highway back from Geneva when suddenly Liam’s car light that looks like a battery started flashing. He mentioned it to me and I took out the Car Manual and immediately told him to move out of the fast lane and slow down and look for the next safe spot to park. Fortunately, he did this as very soon the car’s power steering stopped and the air conditioning switched off. Our car manual is in German but I was able to translate that they recommended the same advice and that one must call for assistance. Luckily, right up ahead was a Stop Over and here we parked call the Emergency 24 hours assistance and they came and brought a tow truck, took the car to the dealer and Liam to the nearest car hire. I had to laugh as we waited at the stop over eating our Laudree macaroons we had bought and within 1 hour from turning off the road, we were back on our way home in the hired car.

So what is my Life Lesson to the girls? If you car’s light flashes, do NOT ignore it not even for a second. Immediately slow down and stop when it is safe to do so. Always carry your car manual (preferably in a language you understand) in your car and the Emergency 24 hours assistance details. Always keep your phone charged, or at least have some small change in your car manual that you can make a call. When you take out car insurance, if the cost is incremental opt for the car hire package in case of break down. And last but not least, do not panic or get upset; as you may be surprised how quick such a problem can be solved and the education it can bring to others around you!