When I plan for any birthday, I have a little list of categories to cover: first up is the “theme”, second the “invitation” and then third is “room decorations”. This is quite a broad category but I try to cover three bases: 1. Wall signs/posters; 2. Balloons/honeycombs etc. and 3. Bunting and Garlands.

For Bailey’s Llama Party I decided to do all three, and today I will share the posters I used, and I have included them here so you too can print and stick them up at your Llama party or just for fun for décor in a bedroom/playroom.

The first set of posters I stuck up were from Meri Meri. They come as just the poster sheet but if you want to make a pretty picture or card or wrapping paper more fancy but don’t necessarily want to buy or hang a frame; then why not make one of these “frames”.

All I did was sticky tape some thin balsa wood to the top and bottom of the picture. As it is soft wood, I was able to pierce two holes at the top just with scissors and then thread through twine. The whole picture is very light, so I just stuck it to the wall with prestik and added a button on top to look like a hook/nail.

Other posters included these cute “Advice from a Llama” and “No Probllama” ones.