When I was 11 my Dad took me to London (my first overseas trip) and as it was still the time of sanctions in South Africa, so it was amazing to be in a country where there were so many things I had never seen before. So many clothing brands, movies, magazine titles, and chocolates. I remember having a Mars Bar for the first time and packing my suitcase full to take some back home for my friends. Nowadays though it seems everywhere you go, you can just about get anythng. So I have to say I was so happy to be able to share my long love for the British brand Cath Kidston with Zara.

Their flagship store was just down the road from us on Picadilly and the interior design is just amazing! It was choc-a-bloc fill with goodies for the summer, their 25th anniversary and the upcoming royal wedidng of Harry and Meghan. Their designs are everything I love: vintage, but classic but also cool! And seem to have no age limit. I bought weekender bags for both girls (the oilcloth is just ideal), a stunning dress and backpack for Zara, sneakers and a brollie for Bailey and well… ALOT for me too (let’s just say I am planning Zara’s 12th birthday using lots of their things!).

And if that wasn’t enough, did you know they do collaborations with Disney? At first you might think this is surely too commercial for them? But gold stars to their designers as never before has Disney looked so good – and their most recent collab. is with Alice In Wonderland (maybe you are lucky to still get your hands on some of the pieces). Fortunately, they ship to Switzerland and so I was able to get some things for the girls new PJ Lounge which is going to a be a Mini Wonderland!

Definitely a must stop and shop when you are in London!