Zara is going to Gymnasium next year, and as a congratulations gift; she, together with her best friend got to choose a destination for a long weekend. Both Anneke and Zara are obsessed with Harry Potter and have been for years, so it was obvious that they wanted to go to London and do allsorts of Harry Potter related things. But they also come up with many typical London things they had read about or seen on TV.

The girls made us promise to do these “must dos” and it was so cute how much they enjoyed them. So if you are planning a trip to London – be sure to tick these off too:

1- Fly British Airways, so you can get the full British Flying Experience. Their safety video is a classic and the girls all squealed when the air steward wished them “Cheerio” as they disembarked.

2 – Buy an Oyster Card and let the kids figure out where they need to go on the Underground – be sure to MIND THE GAP!

3 Catch a ride in traditional Black London Taxi.

3 Take a ride in a red double decker bus. In fact we combined this with Afternoon Tea – more about that later.

4 Walk the streets and side alleys of London – it really was the best way for us to figure out where everything is.