The main reason why we went to London over the long weekend was for Zara and her best friend Anneke to see the live play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The play is really hard to get tickets for and I actually booked them last year October. The play has two parts and is shown either on a Thursday and Friday evening or you see both parts on a Saturday. I wasn’t able to get just tickets – but a way around this especially if you have specific dates you are after is to buy their Show and Hotel Packages. It naturally costs more, but as it is for a hotel stay for only one night in a three star hotel, I decided it was worth it. We stayed at another hotel (so as not to change hotels over the weekend) and I found one that was not as far from the city centre and the theatre.

The play is brilliant and the girls absolutely loved everything about it. We were all pleasantly surprised by some of the magic that was added in too; and the sets were just as you would imagine – just like you were inside the pages of JK Rowling’s books. And don’t worry it was pretty easy to follow, as I actually haven’t read the Cursed Child book. We can not recommend it enough.